’63 Chrysler Turbine

Hot Wheels '63 Chrysler Turbine
Hot Wheels '63 Chrysler Turbine - Rear Quarter

Hot Wheels Chrysler Turbine – Finally found one!

I don’t venture to Toys-R-Us very much due to the fact that I rarely find anything worth while. Tonight, we ran to a mall that we typically don’t go to – it’s out of the way. Next door, there was a Toys-R-Us. My kids asked me if we could stop on the way out. I figured since we never had been to that location in the past, we might as well check it out.

Online, I had been seeing the new Cool Classics Spectrafrost cars. I really liked the looks of the Hot Wheels Chrysler Turbine as well as the ’65 Mercury Comet Cyclone. Luckily at the store I was able to find the ’63 Chrysler Turbine. The ’65 Mercury Comet Cyclone was there as well, but at $4 a pop I had a hard time pulling the trigger. It seems like it was a fresh case as the pegs were loaded and I think that every one from the current release was there.

As my saying goes – If it get’s to me, it get’s opened.

With that said, here are some shots of the Hot Wheels ’63 Chrysler Turbine Cool Classics Specrafrost.

hot wheels chrysler turbine
Hot Wheels ’63 Chrysler Turbine – Rear Quarter

hot wheels chrysler turbine side profile
Hot Wheels ’63 Chrysler Turbine – Side Profile
hot wheels chrysler turbine quarter view
Hot Wheels ’63 Chrysler Turbine – Front Quarter
hot wheels chrysler turbine wheel detail
Hot Wheels ’63 Chrysler Turbine – Wheel Detail
hot wheels chrysler turbine rear text
Hot Wheels ’63 Chrysler Turbine – Rear Detail
hot wheels chrysler turbine comparison
Hot Wheels ’63 Chrysler Turbine – Front / Rear
  • Christian Downes

    I love this model too! Very nice pics… thanks for bringing it to life 🙂

    • Thank you Christian. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again – I enjoy the picture part more than the collecting.

      • HaarFager

        I love the picture part as well, but I’ve had these little cars in my life since 1968, so they’re still the main attraction.

  • Daniel60

    Same here Tony I love taking pictures!! Nice photography by the way.

    • Thanks Daniel. Glad you stopped by. You do some great work yourself. If you’d ever want to, feel free to submit some of your pics. I’ll be sure to post them with credit to you.

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  • HaarFager

    I was at Toys R Us last night and saw two of these. Didn’t quite know what they were or I would have picked up one. It sure looked great in the package! Comment by Kenny Harrelson.

    • This series has been pretty decent so far. The price point is a little outside of what I feel it’s worth, but I’m not buying the entire series – just the ones that I like.

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