• Cliff

    It is hot wheel who started this treasure hunt frenzie not us. We’re just trying to clear up the fact that logos for none treasure hunt cars look to much like the one’s for treasure hunt cars. And yes value and rarity is important to us. Because obviously it’s important to hot wheel. They are the one’ s who started it.

    • Hot Wheels could care less about what consumers think in regards to value and rarity. As long as the stores buy the stock from them, they make money. $$$ is what matters to them.

      The logo has been used for many years before it began being used on Treasure Hunts.

      Treasure Hunts are an EXTREMELY clever marketing scheme. Label something as rare and hard to find with a ‘special’ logo and the masses will believe it. Calling something that is produced in the 10’s to 100’s of thousands rare is a stretch. Hard to find? Sure, but that is only a consumer driven term.