Hot Wheels Treasure Hunt Guide – How To Identify A Treasure Hunt

Hot Wheels Treasure Hunt Guide

It seems that since the Hot Wheels Treasure Hunt changed to their new scheme, there has been an awful lot of confusion among new collectors. I thought I would put together a little guide to help identify a Hot Wheels Treasure Hunt.

1995 – The Treasure Hunts First Appearance

The Hot Wheels Treasure Hunt made it’s first appearance in 1995. One of the most popular Treasure Hunts was released at that time – the pearl white w/orange rally stripes ’67 Camaro. New to the hobby or not, I’d assume you already know about this one. 1995 Treasure Hunts were released with Real Rider wheels. A note on the card indicated that they were limited to a run of 10,000 pieces. 12 cars were released in the series.

1996 Treasure Hunts

Not much changed in 1996 regarding Treasure Hunts. The cars all still wore Real Rider wheels but the limited release was upped from 10,000 pieces to 25,000 pieces. Like 1995, 12 cars were released in the series.

1997 Treasure Hunts – A Small Change

1997 brought a change to the Hot Wheels Treasure Hunt series. All castings part of the 1997 series were released without Real Rider wheels. The card was changed a bit as well – the limited number of pieces was no longer displayed.

1998 – 1999 Treasure Hunts

Not much changed between 1998 – 1999. Green stripe on card. General happiness. 🙂 Well, except for the fact the Real Riders were still missing.

2000 Treasure Hunts

The 2000 Hot Wheels Treasure Hunt series saw the return of Real Rider wheels on 11 out of 12 castings. Lakester (5/12) was the only one to have standard mainline wheels.

2001 Treasure Hunts – Some with Real Riders, Some Without.

2001 was similar to 2000 – it was a mixed release. Some Treasure Hunts (7) had Real Rider wheels while others (5) did not.

2002-2006 Treasure Hunts

The Hot Wheels Treasure Hunt didn’t change very much in these years. Real Riders ( for the most part). Green stripes.

2007-2011 Treasure Hunts – The Tiered System

2007 saw the introduction of the tiered system. The Hot Wheels Treasure Hunt could now be found in two different styles – regular and super. Unlike the previous years, the regular, more basic Treasure Hunts DID NOT have Real Rider wheels. Aside from the green striped card, these cars appeared to be nothing any more special than a regular mainline release. Limited production is assumed and by still being part of the Treasure Hunt series, they were difficult to find. Aside from the regular Treasure Hunts, Super Treasure Hunts were also found. The Super Treasure Hunts were similar in paint scheme to their regular versions but instead of standard paint, the Supers wore Spectraflame paint. Supers wore Real Rider wheels. The $ sign was used one the card to denote Super Treasure Hunts. Some cards read “TREA$URE HUNT”, “T-HUNT”, or “T-HUNT$”. This tiered system ran unchanged from 2007 – 2011.

2012 Treasure Hunts – Super Secret Introduction

2012 saw the introduction of what is referred to as ‘Super Secret Treasure Hunts’. While the regular hunts remained unchanged on green stripe cards, the Super Treasure Hunts were released into the mainline on non-specific cards. Standard non-Treasure Hunt releases were found as well. Aside from the card change, Super Secret Treasure Hunts remained the same.

2013 Treasure Hunts – The End Of The Green Stripe

Hot Wheels Treasure Hunt Flame Logo

2013 saw the end of the green stripe Hot Wheels Treasure Hunt card. Now both regular Treasure Hunts and Super Treasure Hunts were released on unmarked cards. The only thing that signified a regular Treasure Hunt as such was a small flame logo that was found on the car. This lead to a lot of confusion between what is and what isn’t a regular Treasure Hunt. It seemed that the Combat Medic caused the most confusion in 2013. The casting wears the flame symbol as part of another graphic. Regular Treasure Hunts had the flame separate from any other graphic. Castings prior to 2013 wearing the flame logo ARE NOT TREASURE HUNTS! On US cards, a logo and text can be found behind the car on the card that states “This symbol on the vehicle let’s you know it is hard to find and highly collectable.”. As a note, collectible was spelled incorrectly on all releases.

treasure hunt card text
US Only Treasure Hunt Card Text

2014 Treasure Hunts & 2015 Treasure Hunts

2014, 2015, & 2016 saw the same type of system that was used in 2013. 2017 appears to be following it as well.

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Featured Treasure Hunts

Here is a list of 2013 – 2017 Treasure Hunts to help out.

2013 Regular Treasure Hunt
• Bread Box
• Carbonator
• ’10 Camaro SS
• Fast Fish
• Circle Trucker
• ’64 Lincoln Continental
• Sting Rod II
• Prototype H-24
• Custom ’77 Dodge Van
• Dodge Challenger Drift Car
• Ford Mustang GT Concept
• Fire Eater
• ’12 Ford Fiesta
• Maxda RX-7
• Bad To The Blade

2013 Super Treasure Hunt
• ’10 Ford Shelby GT-500 Super Snake
• ’72 Ford Ranchero
• ’10 Toyota Tundra
• Toyota 2000 GT
• Bone Shake
• ’69 Chevy Camaro Convertible
• ’73 Ford Falcon XB
• ’09 Corvette ZR1
• ’62 Corvette
• ’71 Dodge Demon
• ’07 Ford Mustang
• ’71 El Camino
• ’64 Buick Riviera
• ’72 Ford Gran Torino Sport
• ’67 Camaro

List Of 2014 Treasure Hunts

2014 Regular Treasure Hunt
• Subaru WRX STi (A Case)
• Night Burner (B Case)
• Fangster (C Case)
• Speedbox (D Case)
• Maximum Leeway (E Case)
• Loop Coupe (F Case)
• Rescue Duty (G Case)
• Stockar (H Case)
• Twinduction (J Case)
• ’12 Ford Fiesta (K Case)
• Custom ’71 El Camino (L Case)
• Off Track (M Case)
• Poison Arrow (N Case)
• La Fasta (P Case)
• Cloak And Dagger (Q Case)

2014 Super Treasure Hunt
• Chevrolet SS (A Case)
• Sandblaster (B Case)
• 2013 Hot Wheels Chevy Camaro Special Edition (C Case)
• ’71 Mustang Mach I (D Case)
• ’07 Ford Mustang (E Case)
• ’55 Chevy Bel Aire Gasser (F Case)
• ’70 Chevelle SS (G Case)
• Twin Mill (H Case)
• ’64 Chevy Nova Wagon (J Case)
• ’83 Silverado (K Case)
• ’76 Greenwood Corvette (L Case)
• ’69 Corvette (M Case)
• ’65 Chevy Impala (N Case)
• Harley Davidson Fat Boy (P Case)
• ’71 Datsun Bluebird 510 Wagon (Q Case)

List Of 2015 Treasure Hunts

2015 Regular Treasure Hunt
• Chicane (A Case)
• Jeep CJ-7 (B Case)
• Rocketfire (C Case)
• Fast Felion (D Case)
• VW Beetle (E Case)
• Jet Threat 4.0 (F Case)
• Paradigm Shift (G Case)
• Fast Gassin (H Case)
• Enforcer (J Case)
• Mad Splash (K Case)
• Piranha Terror (L Case)
• Time Tracker (M Case)
• Team HW Corkscrew Buggy (N Case)
• Rogue Hog (P Case)
• Tread Air (Q Case)

2015 Super Treasure Hunt
• Kool Kombi (A Case)
• RRRoadster (B Case)
• Toyota Corolla AE-86 (C Case)
• Ferrari 599XX (D Case)
• ’69 Mustang Boss 302 (E Case)
• Custom ’77 Dodge Van (F Case)
• MXR Mastretta (G Case)
• Pass’n Gasser (H Case)
• 8 Crate (J Case)
• 2008 Lancer Evolution (K Case)
• ’65 Mustang 2 + 2 Fastback (L Case)
• ’81 DeLorean DMC (M Case)
• Toyota Supra (N Case)
• ’70 Plymouth Superbird (P Case)
• Toyota Off Road (Q Case)

List Of 2016 Treasure Hunts

2016 Regular Treasure Hunt
• Rig Storm (A Case)
• ’11 Corvette Grand Sport (B Case)
• Rip Rod (C Case)
• 4ward Speed (D Case)
• Dodge Charger SRT8 (E Case)
• Mountain Mauler (F Case)
• Mig Rig (G Case)
• Grease Rod (H Case)
• Let’s Go (J Case)
• Bad Bagger (K Case)
• Night Burner (L Case)
• T-Rextroyer (M Case)
• Howlin’ Heat (N Case)
• Repo Duty (P Case)
• Dune Crusher (Q Case)

2016 Super Treasure Hunt
• Hudson Hornet (A Case)
• Tesla Roadster (B Case)
• ’90 Acura NSX (C Case)
• 2014 Corvette Stingray (D Case)
• Porsche 993 GT2 (E Case)
• Bad Mudder 2 (F Case)
• ’69 Charger Daytona (G Case)
• Custom ’10 Camaro SS (H Case)
• ’66 Batmobile (J Case)
• BMW Z4 M (K Case)
• Boom Box (L Case)
• Driftsta (M Case)
• Nitro Doorslammer (N Case)
• 2017 Ford GT (P Case)
• Carbonic (Q Case)

List Of 2017 Treasure Hunts

2017 Regular Treasure Hunt
• Winning Formula (A Case)
• Fangula (B Case)
• Dragon Blaster (C Case)
• ’69 Camaro Z-28 (D Case)
• Tooligan (E Case)
• So Plowed (F Case)
• HW Pursuit (G Case)
• TBD (H Case)
• TBD (J Case)
• TBD (K Case)
• TBD (L Case)
• TBD (M Case)
• TBD (N Case)
• TBD (P Case)
• TBD (Q Case)

2017 Super Treasure Hunt
• ’63 Chevy II (A Case)
• The Mystery Machine (B Case)
• 16 Angels (C Case)
• Toyota Off-Road Truck (D Case)
• Surf Crate (E Case)
• ’17 Acura NSX (F Case)
• ’67 Chevy C10 (G Case)
• Brave And The Bold Batmobile (H Case)
• 2013 Viper SRT (J Case)
• TBD (K Case)
• TBD (L Case)
• TBD (M Case)
• TBD (N Case)
• TBD (P Case)
• TBD (Q Case)