2014 Hot Wheels LaFerrari

2014 Hot Wheels LaFerrari

Hot Wheels LaFerrari

2014 Hot Wheels LaFerrari

The Hot Wheels LaFerrari was released shortly after the debut of the 1:1. Unlike the Hot Wheels release, the 1:1 LaFerrari is a limited edition series. Only 499 will be produced. The car is simply amazing – did I mention it is a hybrid? Check out some more details over on Ferrari.com.

Seeing that it’s not looking like I will be getting a 1:1 LaFerrari any time soon, being a Ferrari collector I was happy to pick up the Hot Wheels LaFerrari at Kdays. I broke a rule I set for myself – I only purchase one of each casting. For some reason still unknown to myself, I bought two of these. Maybe I will detail one. We’ll see. I’ve got quite a few more carded Ferrari’s but in my case, this one is number 44.

Initial Casting Release

The Hot Wheels LaFerrari is a brand new casting and was released this year (2014) as part of the HW City series. No further details are available at this time about future releases of this casting but I could possibly see it in a few more colors – yellow, black, and white. I’ll be keeping my eyes on this one.

Casting Details

The Hot Wheels LaFerrari features a die cast body painted in red, a black plastic interior and base, and tinted windows. The LaFerrari wears chrome PR5 wheels. Tampos are limited to headlights and the Ferrari logo on the front and Ferrari logos on the sides.

Hot Wheels LaFerrari Images

Below are some images of the Hot Wheels LaFerrari. I hope you enjoy this casting as much as I do. Thanks for stopping by!

LaFerrari - Front View
Front View

2014 Hot Wheels LaFerrari
Rear View
2014 Hot Wheels LaFerrari
Side Profile
Front & Rear Profiles
2014 Hot Wheels LaFerrari
Front Low Angle
2014 Hot Wheels LaFerrari
Rear Quarter View
2014 Hot Wheels LaFerrari
Front Quarter View
2014 Hot Wheels LaFerrari
Rear Low Angle
Diecast LaFerrari - Base