Diecast Photography In The Spotlight – The First Of Many


I began the hobby of photographing my diecast because of the work that I saw others doing, mainly on the HWC boards. AgentAir, Boobostank, and John Rino (Diecast Demon) were some of my biggest influences.

Since the beginning, I have been sent quite a few photos and I thought that I’d start sharing them – hence ‘In The Spotlight‘. I always enjoy looking at the work and creativity of others. For the first post of hopefully many dedicated to the photography of others, I’ve got a few pictures that carry a truck/outdoors theme.

If you would like to be featured, please feel free to send some of your work by clicking the button below. Be sure to include your name and a title of your photo (if you have one).

Jesus Garcia - Untitled
Ar Ar Villeta III - Untitled
Chiko Salmon - Discover The World
I Gege Biondi Asrianta - Batman Arkham Knight

There is a TON of awesome work out there but I WILL NOT feature anything unless it is submitted. I respect the work of others and feel this needs to be done to maintain that respect.

I encourage you to look at this hobby in a whole different way – grab your favorite casting, pick up the camera, and shoot! Keep up the great work everyone. Until next time.  🙂