Hot Wheels 67 Camaro – 360 ROTATION!!!


Hot Wheels ’67 Camaro – 360 ROTATION!!!

Yes, you read the title right. The first casting to be featured here at Diecast Photography in this manner is the Hot Wheels 67 Camaro. We are still trying to get everything configured correctly but for now, read the instructions below to ‘spin’ the car around in real-time.

360 Viewer Instructions:

1) No special software is required!!!
2) Simply click and hold down your left mouse button on the image.
3) Drag your mouse to the left or to the right to rotate the Hot Wheels 67 Camaro.
4) Release your left mouse button while rotating for a smooth-stop effect.
5) You can click the play button and have the Camaro rotate automatically.

Rotate the Hot Wheels 67 Camaro Now!