Hot Wheels According To eBay 2021 – Week 46


So, let’s try something new. Since quite a few collectors use ‘sold’ prices on eBay to assign ‘value’, I thought it would be interesting to collect a weekly snapshot of some items. I’ve got some ideas of things I think may be interesting to watch and I am certainly open to suggestions for others. I will only be using sold values of auctions that ended last week. Completed listings show all listings, sold or unsold. While that data is valuable, it doesn’t fit for this. Also, items sold via best offer can not be included as the selling price isn’t available. Lots of items will not be included – single items only.

Let’s look at the Top 5 “HOT WHEELS” Sales for the past week, highest price first.

1) Hot Wheels 1970 Evil Weevil Redline – $3,550.00

2) Hot Wheels RLC Candy Striper – $1,925.00

3) Hot Wheels RLC Candy Striper – $1,825.00

4) Hot Wheels RLC Candy Striper – $1,700.00

5) Hot Wheels 1971 Snake Redline – $1,625.00

This list starts out with a redline, the center is filled with Candy Stripers, and is ended with a redline. Just these 5 sales total $10,625.00!

I hope this turns into something that you find interesting. Feel free to reach out with suggestions. Send me an email here.