Hot Wheels Carbonator Custom – Pepsi Racer

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Hot Wheels Carbonator Custom – Pepsi Racer by Juan Salcedo

Based off of the Hot Wheels Carbonator, the second custom to be featured here at Diecast Photography is the Pepsi Racer, crafted by Juan Salcedo.

While some refuse to take their hunts out of the blister, Juan went ahead and took a leap foreward and decided to customize his. He started the Pepsi Racer custom with the 2013 Hot Wheels Treasure Hunt release. The original tires were removed and replaced with Real Riders. After painting the body black, Juan added the Pepsi logo to the top. To match the logo on the top, he also hand painted the one on the bottle cap that site on the front of the body. The base and axle ends were painted blue to match the logos.

Sometimes customs don’t have to be off the wall to be great. Juan had a vision with this one and nailed it.¬†Hats off my friend! Keep up the great work!

If you’d like to see some more of Juan’s work, check out his Facebook Page – Juan Salcedo – Facebook

Hot Wheels Carbonator Custom – Pepsi Racer

Front View - Low Rear View - Low Top Birdseye View Side Profile Top ViewTop Front Birdseye