Hot Wheels Color Shifter T-Bird Stocker – Is It A Treasure Hunt?

T-Bird Color Shifter Treasure Hunt

People are calling the newly released Hot Wheels Color Shifter T-Bird Stocker a Treasure Hunt. I’m not going to take much time on this but the misinformation needs to be put to rest. Quickly.

The Hot Wheels Color Shifter T-Bird Stocker IS NOT A TREASURE HUNT. Hot Wheels has only released Treasure Hunts in the mainline. The T-Bird Stocker has had the flame logo on it since 2012. For more information on the flame logo and what is and what isn’t a Treasure Hunt, take a look at our guide ➜ Hot Wheels Treasure Hunt Guide.

In the recent past, this logo has created a lot of confusion on another casting – the Combat Medic. The Combat Medic featured a partial flame logo on the side. Just like the Color Shifter T-Bird Stocker, it’s not a Treasure Hunt.