Hot Wheels Fiat 500 Treasure Hunt


In the 2015 Q case, Hot Wheels released the Fiat 500 on a Treasure Hunt card. Is the Fiat 500 a Treasure Hunt? The short answer is no. All cards were printed in error. It is not a Treasure Hunt.

All non-super Treasure Hunts since 2013 have had the ‘flame symbol’ somewhere on the car. If you look the Fiat 500 over, you will see that there is in fact no ‘flame symbol’ on the car. This error has been addressed by Mattel as mentioned by The Lamley Group in this article.

My advice may come a little late but buy the car if you like it. These are NOT rare. Not even close. There are PLENTY of them out there. Those hoarding them because they are going to be worth something, enjoy…

Hot Wheels Fiat 500 Treasure Hunt

Hot Wheels Fiat 500 Treasure Hunt Text

Hot Wheels Fiat 500