Hot Wheels Homer

Hot Wheels Homer

Hot Wheels Homer

Hot Wheels Homer

At the February 15th 2014 Kday, I was able to grab most of the new stuff I was after except for one car – THE HOT WHEELS HOMER! In our store, only 2 came out of 12 cases. I heard of other Kmarts having almost one to each case. While overly happy with the LaFerrari (I’ll have a post soon featuring that one), I was a little bummed out that I missed out on the Hot Wheels Homer. In my area, I figured that if I didn’t find it at Kday, I wasn’t going to find it at all.

Today we had our local Hot Wheels club meeting. Upon entering, I chatted for a little while with the club president and the Hot Wheels Homer came up. He had asked me if I had seen one in person. I said no and that I was hoping to get one soon. He pulled one out that he had removed from the blister and handed it to me. Seeing that I open everything I get, I asked him what he wants for it. He told me that I could have it – consider it a RAOK. While I won’t name names but if by chance you read this post, I can’t thank you enough. 🙂

I find the ‘value’ of the Hot Wheels Homer extremely funny. A few weeks back there was one that sold on eBay for over $100! Now that Kdays have hit and there are more in circulation, I see prices took a sharp nosedive and are hovering around $4. Those gotta have it first guys crack me up!

Being a somewhat popular casting, I decided to do a special series of shots for this one. The Hot Wheels Homer shown below can be rotated 360 degrees! Follow the simple instructions below.

360 Viewer Instructions:

1) No special software is required!!!
2) Simply click and hold down your left mouse button on the image.
3) Drag your mouse to the left or to the right to rotate the Hot Wheels Homer.
4) Release your left mouse button while rotating for a smooth-stop effect.

Rotate the Hot Wheels Homer Now!