Hot Wheels Minecraft Minecart – 6 Cars On Different Cards

Hot Wheels Minecart

The Hot Wheels Minecraft Minecart… Well, I guess there isn’t much to say about this one. It’s square. It has 4 wheels. Umm… It’s a Minecart from Minecraft?.?.

Aside from the standard release, there are 6 different Target Exclusive releases of the Hot Wheels Minecraft Minecart. The only difference between them is the card art. Mattel sure has a great crew working in their marketing department.

The cart itself is grey plastic while the base is metal, painted grey. The ‘interior’ is rubber and has a cutout to allow a Minecraft figure to be held in place. Did I mention there isn’t much to say?

I’ve got 2 kids at home – this is the only reason ONE of these made it to the photo booth. 😉 There’s plenty of rants out there on this release so I’ll leave it at this. The Hot Wheels Minecraft Minecart isn’t for me but I’m sure there are plenty of people out there that dig it. Collect what you like and like what you collect.

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