McDonalds Happy Meal Bone Shaker


McDonalds Hot Wheels Happy Meal Bone Shaker

McDonalds Hot Wheels Bone Shaker Not Treasure Hunt - Header

Here’s another fine example of what the now coveted flame logo does. The stories floating around on the various social media platforms all describe similar scenarios – grown adults running around and stopping at McDonalds to purchase what they can of the new Happy Meal Hot Wheels – especially the Bone Shaker.

I was going to buy every McDonalds out of them and throw them on eBay

If this mindset isn’t pathetic, I don’t know what is. Buy It Now for $3.89 – $5.99… The complete set for $10?  Seriously?

The Happy Meal Bone Shaker IS NOT a Treasure Hunt nor is it a chase piece. It’s a CHILDS TOY! The flame logo simply appears to designate it as part of Team Hot Wheels.

My son got one yesterday in his Happy Meal. He lent it to me for a couple quick pics.

Happy Meal Bone Shaker Not Chase

Happy Meal Bone Shaker Not Treasure Hunt

Happy Meal Bone Shaker Not Rare