Superfine Turbine (Hot Wheels 1973) – Rare Redlines

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Superfine Turbine (Hot Wheels 1973)

Superfine Turbine Header

Big changes are not always the best…

With slowing sales in 1972 and rising costs, 1973 brought a lot of change to Hot Wheels. Spectraflame paint was a thing of the past, replaced by enamel. The fast wheels and torsion-bar ‘suspension’ the brand was known for was replaced with a lower cost alternative – a floating straight axle which is what is still used today. Not only did this push sales down further, the cost-compromised performance lead to the loss of the ‘Fastest Cars’ title.

Hard to find…

Lower production volume and the fact that the casting was only produced for one year, 1973 saw the release of one of the most sought after castings of all time – the Superfine Turbine (designed by Larry Wood).

The Superfine Turbine was manufactured in Hong Kong and Mexico. Hong Kong releases feature a black interior. The castings produced in Mexico are commonly referred to as CIPSA. CIPSA Superfine Turbines are quite rare. CIPSAs feature a white interior and only a few of each color are know to exist. By ‘a few’ I mean single digits. For more information on this casting, check out The Online Redline Guide!

Superfine Turbine Colors

[toggle title=”Hong Kong Colors”]Light Blue   Dark Blue   Red   Lime Green   Yellow   Pink[/toggle]
[toggle title=”CIPSA Colors”]Yellow   Green   Brown   Orange[/toggle]

A big change for me…

I’ve been interested for a few years now. I missed the Redline era by quite a few years but I am drawn to them. I think it’s safe to say the Redline bug has bitten me!

We as collectors know that prices on items can be all over the board. I don’t have any RARE items in my Redline collection as of yet but I am working towards changing that.

With the Superfine Turbine being what it is to collectors, I thought that I would never have one. Luckily things happened to align and I was able to pull the trigger. Before purchasing my own, I had the HONOR to shoot a PINK SUPERFINE TURBINE!

Superfine Turbine
Front Right
Superfine Turbine
Right Rear
Superfine Turbine
Front Left
Superfine Turbine
Left Rear
Superfine Turbine
Side Profile
Superfine Turbine
Rear – Door Closed
Superfine Turbine
Rear – Door Open
Pink Superfine Turbine
No Photoshop Here. It’s the REAL DEAL!